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Thanh Binh's Guestbook

Name: DrEaMy777
Birthdate: juss say dat i'm almost 15..*yay*
Email: DrEaMy777@YaHoO.cOm
hey there..i juss wanna say dat u have a weallie tie page hea...keep it up aiight..

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Name: Ferdinand Budiman
Birthdate: 19th of march 1983
Homepage URL: not yet make.... but I will!
hey binh yee, ferdi here! nice homepage u have there... very coool.... update often okay?? C.ya!

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Name: Hoai Trang
Birthdate: Nov. 27-82
It's really interesting in your homepage. I like them a lot.
You did a very good jo.

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Name: Jodi Pham
Birthdate: 11 11 78
Email: mymyh
Homepage URL: hhd
toi rat thich ban
toi song tai usa san fracisco
hy vong mot ngay nao do chung ta noi chuyen nhieu hon
Tet nay toi se ve VN.ban co vui khong?

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Name: Ha Cao
Birthdate: 7/28/63
Hello the guy from Ha noi.I was born there too.Are you in VN?You are doing great.I would love to see more Ha noi picture.Drop me a few lines if you want to chat.I am in Silicon Valley ( San Jose, CA ), USA.

Name: zack
Birthdate: 1yr3mos
This homepage is really
awesome. For having an awesome homepage, if you are ever
in the southern calif. area, don't hesitate to call us
for a free round of golf. If you have time, please come
see our homepage and sign our guestbook.

Name: Sang Chau
Birthdate: 24/1
Homepage URL:
Moshi moshi!
Nice hp and pics! Do u know what? I also like Dragonball
Z, but I haven't read, only seen the animation. Oh, xin
loi nhe, almost forgot to intro myself. I'm also from
Vietnam, Saigon. Lives in Sweden now. That's all...he
Sang "SeaSky"

- Wide Sea Open Sky -

Name:justin herbert
Birthdate: 26/12/72
chao Hanoi is a long way from Melbourne, Australia and a
very beatiful place as well (i was there last year).
Anyway thanks for a look at your page. Greetings from

Name: Daniel Truong
Birthdate: aug 24, 1956
Cha`o em Bi`nh,
Ti`nh co+` anh co' di.p tham vieng web-site cua em. Tuy
con khiem nhuong, nhung d/v tuoi cua em va hoan canh noi
em sinh ra va lon len, nhu vay la 1 buoc tien dang khich
le. Keep up the good work (esp in school), because I
know that you will be among the future leaders of our
country, which has been long overdue to a better fate
than ever. If you want to know anything about electronic
engineering or USA in general, please contact me via the
above email address. The reason I'm doing this? I'm
inspired by your ambition and enthusiasm. I truly
believe that people of your generation can do something
real good to VN. Good luck and have fun. - Daniel
Truong, El Segundo, California

Name: Hoang Thanh Truong
Birthdate: June 14, 1983
Homepage URL:
Well, I just found your web site in VietLand. Wow, you
look very cool, huh? Your web page looks very good,
especially the java. One thing that I like is your java
didn't make my computer freeze. I got to go now. If you
have time, you can send a message by e-mail:, nick: Henry-Taro

Sincery Yours,
Hoang Thanh Truong

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