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Thanh Binh's Guestbook

Name: Phat Dat Ho
Birthdate: 12-26-70
A , That is great!
After 7 years I left Vietnam country;Ho Chi Minh
city.This is the first time I had spend much time to
view your home page.Unfortunately, I have never been in
Ha Noi but your school year and some your stuff remind
me to remember my High School friends, my teachers, and
Binh, keep woking your great job. And I pround of you.
Phat Dat Ho (USA)

Name: Tuan Vo
Birthdate: jun,20,1953
Hi Binh,
Congratulation on your good work.I enjoy browsing your
home page. Nice pictures, it brought back old memories
of " Ha Noi." it is where I grew up, I miss Ha Noi. Keep
up your good work. I'll be back some time to visit your
home page. Please post some more picture of Ha Noi.
Thanks for letting me have a good time. See you later.

Name: Ngoc Nhi
Birthdate: : -)
Homepage URL:
Hello there ! :-)
Just stopping by to say hi to you and all of your
friends :-) Your web page looks
pretty nice, it's well organized :-) Keep your good work
up, I'll be back later :-)
Oh! before I forget :-) enjoy your school time in
Singapore :-) I used to live near there...but haven't
got a chance to visit *smile*. Gotta go...bye bye :-)

Name: Kim Truong
Birthdate: August 30, 1983
Homepage URL:
Dear Binh,
I viewed your guestbook, and everyone seemed to have
real nice thing to say about your site. I like it too.
Even though I haven't got as wonderful things to say as
they did. I'm going to leave a long message so that'll
at least I'll be different than some of them. Maybe most
of them are older and have been in Viet Nam before. I
left the country when I was less than half a month old.
Why don't you visit my site. Thnx for reading, Sweets,

Name: Dave
Birthdate: VietNam
hi binh.
congratulation u did a good job. U made me remember
Hanoi-the place that i didn have a chance to visit for a
long time.
keep up the good work

Name: Chau Le
Birthdate: '''''73
Homepage URL:
Hey there... you have a very cool page! I wish I can go
back to see vietnam! I left when I was 2 but I still can
read/write/speak very well! Anyways, I'm glad you have a
webpage up representing the vietnamese pride. Keep it up
and come check out my webpage ok? See ya
see ya around!!!

Name: MrMean
Birthdate: 31/12/1999
Email: SantaClaus@North.pole
i was rite... i'm heaps better looking than u!!!
see ya around!!!

Name: Victor Chia
Birthdate: 32 Feb 1982
Hey Binh.....neat little homepage you have here, Keep up
the hard Work!!

Name: Ha Le Dung
Birthdate: 30/12/81
Email: (Ba?o Ha^n)
Minh rat cam dong khi view nhung trang Binh lam ve
truong cu va gia dinh. Hope to be your friend..and maybe
compete with your home page!

Name: Nguyen Thi Thu Hien
Birthdate: x/x/81
Cho Bi`nh!
Homepage cu?a Bnh cug ddep. l)am nhu*ng sao Bin`h
khng dd? anh cua? m ngu*o* ban. va vy.
V khi c hompage thi` pha?i lm ci gi`vui mt. it
Ni vy. thi Hi`n ddy th Bi`nh gio?i ho*n Hi`n
dd ...:-D
Happy summer
P.S Hi`n ddy. khng quen Bi`nh ddu tai. Minh cho
ddia. chi? dd...
Nn Hin khng c ykin..:oD
No Bad