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This is the complete script source of Password Protection.

This is it! All the source to this script. Go on, grab it. That's what it's here for. Hopefully if there are a lot of files involved the person was nice enough to provide a ZIP archive as well.

In any event, to get each of the source files involved use your browsers' SAVE LINK function to, well, save each of these files to your own system.

Password Protection
by AciDREigN (Script 343 by Member 1770)

"simple password protection which uses, encrypted passwords and locations.<a> AciDREigN</a>"

Uploaded on April 09 1997 | Downloads 23892 (last July 19 1998)
Elements - May not have any, so don't freak out and feel compelled to email the admin. Rather, use your browser and actually VIEW the SOURCE on the actual script.

Oh, yea. A few of the files (ok several of them) got slightly munged up during the June 1997 (A.D, not B.C.) upgrade when all the script sections underwent a complete overhaul. Sorry 'bout that. We'll see about fixing the slight glitches in their database entries.

If you're the author of the script and it pains you to see your creation hurting so then just tell us and well save your stats. You can then upload script and we'll plug in your old downloads and awards stats.

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