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Rome was our first destination. The hostel was so nice that we were given a false impression of hostels in Italy. It has a kitchen for us to cook our meals so we ended up having home-cooked pasta for most of our meals in Rome. The kitchen was also a gathering place where people gather every night to have their meals, play cards and exchange their travel stories.
We share the room with 2 Aussies and a German guy for our 3 nights there. There were a few more Aussies in the hostel which make Aussies the most common nationality there. Later i found out that practically the whole Australia, a few millions Australians are on the road travelling.

Rome was amazing with the remnants of an ancient city once rules more than one third of the world. We went to the Catacomb, where early Christians were buried; the Colosseum where hundreds Gladiators were made and millions of people and animals have been slained; and the Forum. We learnt lots of interesting facts on how the lift system was used underneath the Colosseum to bring up the animals; why the Colosseum floor is covered with sand to absorb to absorb blood fast and to provide our Gladiators more grip on their bare feet as they did not were Nike trainers like us. Outside the Colosseum, there were a few guys dressing up as Roman soldiers but some were wearing woolen heads and gloves due to cold weather which made them look extremely comical.

My first afternoon in Rome, just another photo with a street painter.

And the very first church we saw glowing under the sunset.

The first sunset in Rome.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME. We set off at different time but our whole hostel room ended meeting each other in the Forum, the centre of ancient Rome

We decided to hang out together and now we are outside Michealangelo museum.

The top view of Rome from Musolini's residence. You can see the colosseum far far away on the left side.

Outside surburb of Rome.

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