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Milan was an expensive city. Both hostels there were closed so we had to settle for the cheapest hotel available. That is something bad about traveling off-seasoned, hostels are usually closed! On the bright side, we for once had a TV in our room (there was absolutely no English channel though) and a bathtub (without hot water). Ah well, the water was warm enough to make you finish your shower within 2 minutes which wasnot as bad as no warm water at all.

Milan is typically a stop for rich tourist with its reputation as the capital of fashion and finance of Italy. There are numerous ways of earning money on the street in Milan varying from drawing portraits, caricatures and Chinese names; drawing murals with chalk on the floor and put a few baskets around it to collect money to singing on the street; providing karaoke service in the street; acting as a clown or a statue on the street to attract tourists' attention. Also, they were selling corn to tourist so that they can feed the pigeons which explains why the pigeons there were so fat.

Statue of Leonardo De Vinci.

Piazza Duomo, the cntre square of Milan.

Taking a quick shower since the hotel water is not hot enough :> .

On top of the church.

A great view of Milan from the top.

Feeding the pigeons in the the central square.

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